one girl’s humble opinion

I watch Silver Linings Playbook, a lot. I don’t always understand why it resonates but when it’s too cold outside to run off anxieties, this is my escape. I also read the book and this quote is one of my favorites, probably because I am the person he describes.

She looks sad. She looks angry. She looks different from everyone else I know—she cannot put on that happy face others wear when they know they are being watched. She doesn’t put on a face for me, which makes me trust her somehow.” ― Matthew QuickThe Silver Linings Playbook 

The movie was acted exceptionally and yes there is romance and drama, however, these are not the reasons I adore it. I love the unbridled honesty the characters share. They seem to choose it over being loved because they feel it is a key to being loving, as if knowing all our flaws can somehow make us better versions of ourselves. There are few relationships where a connection so sharp and undeniable is solely created out of dysfunction. I know we are all somewhat dysfunctional – but I am speaking within the confines of this movie and personality disorders. At first it seems the connection is based on shared manic moments – we can all relate to meeting someone with a shared negativity and venting together about it. Generally this type of behavior does not create lasting relationships, unless you want to be pissed off all the time. The interesting thing, and what really stuck with me, is how these two characters saw through the other’s bull shit. Despite their inability to control their own behavior and thoughts – they found in each other this honesty that kept them afloat, broke through the barrier of disorder, and pushed them to change and be better. Pat was always looking for a word or a thing to prove he had changed, that he wasn’t the “explosion guy,” instead he found it in Tiffany. I won’t go into how you can’t put your hope in a person because people always fail you, but as a generalization, this is why we crave relationship. We crave encouragement, and even when it hurts, we crave honesty. I think if we spent more time being honest with one another, and more importantly with ourselves, a lot of how we see the world and each other would change. This is just one girl’s humble opinion…who may be obsessed with a movie and combative if you disagree.

One thought on “one girl’s humble opinion

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