all is quiet, very quiet

Although I have been a bit bored as of late – I am really [really] trying to accept the quiet that comes with not having a thing to do. I often need a reminder of restfulness. Even when I am sitting still, my mind races with thoughts of the next five minutes, the following afternoon…etc. I generally never stop – I need to be occupied by something, anything. When I get stir crazy, obsessive, and frustrated I generally walk around and take in our view. It is so quiet where we live, everything exudes a peacefulness to which I am still adjusting. Coming from a small city, located directly behind the police station and adjacent to a yelling beagle puppy, it’s a welcome silence. I could easily become a recluse out here – thankfully Mick is a social butterfly so I have awhile before I become the shut-in I was meant to be.


[these last two photos are from our visit to Higins Point. This time of year there are over 150 Eagles feasting on the Kokanee – we saw about thirty Saturday, ten up close! It was amazing! Also – no filter on any of these – that is really the sunset right outside our door.]

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