trials of the lazy

Our weekend was filled with tree buying, snowman making, pizza eating, and sweet potato eating [to make up for the pizza eating]. We are not feeling the Christmas spirit, thus, not feeling the whole tree and decorating thing. After realizing how lame we are – we zipped to the depot to purchase a mini tree. Nothing fancy please. We were heartily greeted by the cutest white haired man as we walked through the doors – what a jolly guy [no, it wasn’t santa]. I was too busy squealing for cuteness when it practically jumped out in front of me. The Norfolk Pine dressed in glittery red Christmas balls! I exclaimed loudly, “SOLD! DONE! Get me out of this place!” Mick had to locate the most well rounded tree, fifteen minutes later, we were out the door. Easiest tree buying experience ever…PLUS…it’s a house tree so we can use it over and over again. Cheapskates dream!TREE

Friday night we gave into our five day craving for pizza and ate an entire large cheese pie. It was heaven. Obviously Saturday I did two Nike Training work outs. We also built the most adorable snowman – properly named Bert Maklan. He is currently melting unattractively outside.  The End.bert

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