Trials of an introvert part dos

For those of you waiting on Christmas cards – they are coming; I am taking my time this year. This is the first time in a very long time the holidays haven’t been organized and meticulously planned. I like it – I have moments of panic but it’s good for me. This has been my greatest lesson over the last five months – no amount of planning can make a life. I plan because I am either bored or cannot handle whatever reality is stressing me out.

On that note – let’s talk about this weekend. Mick’s company threw a pretty nice Christmas party. It was at our friend’s restaurant and everything was delicious and I will never complain about free Hendricks. There were about 75 people in attendance…I knew one. To say I get nervous in large crowds is the understatement of the decade – I will never choose to surround myself with strangers when the expectation is to socialize. I have no idea where this comes from but it’s who I am, and yes it’s a flaw, but this is not the point. Generally, Mick knows everyone, and everyone wants to talk to him so there is really no effort made on my part. Not the case this year, he knew four people. [can you hear the panic?!] After grabbing our food and successfully reserving two barstools, I sat down with the intention of never leaving my chair. This may or may not be because I got some ranch dressing in a party goers hair and I pissed off the girl who thought she would be the cutest one there [you will never win against a good red lipstick, sweety]. Had I known there would be this many people and that we would stand out being the most stylish people there [this is what I tell myself] – I would have caught a bad case of the vapors right before! In all attempts to be positive, we decided to treat this evening as a free date and really had a great time. After the owner of the restaurant and his wife came and sat with us, party goers introduced themselves and we met some really great people. I have many more lessons like this ahead, and not all will have free cocktails.

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