the lights

Over the weekend Mick and I braved the frigid temperatures to photograph the amazing lights downtown. There are over 1.5 million lights all over with the highest concentration by city park. If you are a guest at the resort you can take a boat cruise across the lake to the “North Pole” which is a whole other set of lights. We can actually see the North Pole from our house. Along with the North Pole cruises they have a lights show on the resort property that puts Lights on the Bay to shame. Every tree lining the main street is wrapped in lights, and the tops of the light posts are decorated with lit snowflakes. It’s quite enchanting…except when the windchill is below zero. After the third picture both my phone and my camera shut down, I could no longer feel my fingers and I’m pretty sure Mick was cursing our idea. I had that wonderful feeling where your hands are so frozen they are burning. I was also pretty sure when I looked down my fingers would be black and I would soon be on my way to amputation. All that to say – I can’t wait to go back and spend more time, a warmer evening.

photo 1
photo 2


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