arctic blast

Man OH Man! it’s about 12 degrees outside and there is an expected windchill of -25. yes. n e g a t i v e. The other night Mick and I took a walk [he ran, crazy person] up the huge hill entering our neighborhood and back – we both returned and felt like our lungs were water logged. Mick was coughing, I was trying to take deep breaths…bad news. I pulled up the weather on my trusty phone and realized, we are idiots. Of COURSE we felt like death was upon us, it was 19 degrees outside but ‘felt like’ 5! dummies. Despite the lung issue and my knees pooping and locking uncontrollably, we actually enjoy this weather. It doesn’t feel as cold as the temperature gauge reads, only because it’s a dry cold. It’s not a wet, bone chilling Maryland cold. Mick proposed going snowboarding this weekend but I think it’s a bit too cold for that…at least our first time out.

SO – in this arctic cold snap we will be watching movies, eating Pho and drinking a lot of coffee. We should also probably rock the Christmas music but we can’t stop listening to…wait for it…

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