I don’t often meet expectations when it comes to thank yous. I tend to be matter of fact about them and move on. At times I cannot comprehend the need for mush and over exuberance…it’s not my nature.  BUT – I am learning certain types of people need that – and my “nature” is not exactly the standard of behavior. You can imagine my reaction when the host turns to me and says, “misie, what are you thankful for this year?” I generally freeze up, lock down all intention to smile, give an annoyed stare and always say, “Micky.” [Have I mentioned I do not like to be put on the spot or told what to do?] My thank yous are best left to notes and gifts.

So – here goes my most thankful things/moments – in a note, not a speech and tied to songs – because that’s how we do.

Mick and I are blessed by a group of friends and family like no other. This mix matched culmination of people, represents a uniqueness, an understated treasure, and we wouldn’t be who we are without them. When it comes to thankfulness, these people top our list. The love and grace we are shown is insane. We have shared some tricky times and this rag tag group not only stuck around but knocked us out with love.

Mick – yup gonna go there – he is the jam [if it was appropriate to curse for emphasis….oooo]! Literally – he is made of sugar. He…welp…he’s Mick and everyone knows he is warm hearted, hilarious, honest, wise, discerning, and a puddle of mush. That mush balances out my cold heart and I would not choose to do life without him.

That time Mick and I drove 3000 miles across the U S of A and missed every crazy storm, every monster tornado, every creep who lurks at rest stops, and arrived safely to our adventure.

For those moments in life you let your guard down, befriend a stranger and they begin to change your life.

For family who remind you, you are where you came from no matter what it is – make the best of it, be honest and loving, be brave, and above all else, show grace.

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