exercise for the weary

It’s been pretty boring in these parts. I have been fighting off either a virus or a whole new family of allergies. Every morning I wake up, my head feels like it weighs 15 pounds, it takes anywhere from 1- 4 hours to feel normal and then I have just enough time to exercise and shower before Mick gets home. Hoping this ends soon. Despite my lethargy I am so pumped about my new workout. For those who like exercise – Nike has a free app – Nike Training Club – it’s awesome! It offers different options based on your end goal: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong or Get Focused. From there you enter whether you are a beginner, intermediate…etc [this is defined by how often you workout]. Based on your answers they put together a 30-45 minute workout to suit you. It’s been kicking my butt! It’s very minimal, no bells or whistles, no one cheering you on while they barely sweat, and you usually only need a mat, hand weights or a medicine ball. They offer video guidance if you have no idea what a modified burpee is and they are super helpful. I look forward to doing it everyday, even the days I can barely walk. It is also an excellent way to expend anxiety from moving 2800 miles away from everyone you know!

This weekend we are expecting SNOW! Only three inches, but still, SNOW! We have been drooling over new snowboard gear [I forgot out expensive it is!]. I want so many things, including a season pass, something I’ve never had. I can’t tell you how excited and loopy I get when thinking about being able to ride every weekend…just because I want to. I think back to when I was 19 years old, traveling around, riding almost everyday, it was the freaking jam. There were even days I opted OUT of riding! What was wrong with me?! I was spoiled that’s why. I will probably get schooled my first season out – yea, pretty sure the Mountains here will kick my out of shape booty – still can’t wait!

Alright – getting off that out of shape booty to work that Nike Training Club app like it’s my job!

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