our new place

The first time we visited our new little town was March 2012. I really did not want to stay at a hotel – mostly because that would require us to eat out everyday and we were pinching pennies already. I at least wanted a microwave, fridge, and, fingers crossed, a stove. Surprisingly it was quite easy to find a vacation rental because the town offers year round activities and tourism. I went onto VRBO and magically found a stunning lakeside home. It is used generally as a retreat center for corporate team building or local businesses will use it for larger meetings. The house also has a studio apartment in the basement. This is not your typical studio – it is at least 1,000 square feet and has 3/4 walls separating the kitchen and bathroom. It almost has a full kitchen [no stove but a dual hot plate], a huge bathroom [the counters almost came up to my collar bone], and a super fancy bedroom area. Not to mention the house is right on the lake and we had our own patio to enjoy the view. Best part of all – it was cheaper than a hotel. What?! To make a LONG story short, when we revisited the town in August we had lunch with the owner and she offered other accommodations on her property..month to month…buddy can stay…and it’s super affordable. We were beyond thankful – finding a place to rent here is incredibly difficult – especially with a dog.

Our place – it is a one bedroom guest barn, with a large one-car garage, patio, fire pit and view of the lake. It’s bananas!

photo 5








[1. exterior view; 2 & 3 living room and kitchen; 4 & 5 kitchen; 6. bedroom; 7 & 8 outside – click images for larger view]

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