forgotten road gems

One of the things Mick and I kept track of on our trip – vanity plates. We were impressed with the amount we found the further West we traveled. I don’t know if they are more of a trend out here, either way, we love it. And yes, we judged them.

Blaze – I’m pretty sure this dude had antler stickers and calvin peeing on the words “gun control”
Dona Mae – silver haired fox
Masonic – cult!
Clubman – customized mini cooper, golf clubs, mid-life crisis
Roguewav – sailor in a land locked state
Bugoff – I think they knew we were talking about them
Tco gal – chrysler neon with missing hubcaps, but her earrings cost $$$
em ethn – adorbs [can’t judge – m&m]
dis dane – grump
milworki really have no idea
buckeye – OHIO!
jurge 2 – spelling error?
jarbow – jar jar binks?

After keeping track of these we obviously started to think of our future vanity plate. We could only come up with mnm4lif, not sold.

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