short & sweet update

I believe we are finally settling in. Not only did we survive seven days in the truck but we also survived two time changes. We are thirty miles over the MST timezone and into the PST timezone. We had one day to adjust to the three hour time difference before “falling back” another hour. We felt the toll on our bodies but weren’t expecting to have happy hour in the dark. With the snow clouds and the time change, the sun set by 4:30 – this will take some getting used to.

Today our cubes arrive – we will try to unpack them tonight and have the empties picked up tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to having all these frayed ends tied off. I also look forward to functioning somewhere outside survival mode and exploring this new life. Buddy is adjusting well – it doesn’t hurt that we have three neighbor deer for him to disrupt and about two acres for him to explore. He currently is laying in front of the wood stove muttering curse words that it’s not on. Spoilt. Mick starts his new job today – basically the HR side of it. He’s probably the best dressed carpenter to ever fill out paperwork. These one sentence updates are fairly boring but I’m all about facts at this point.
We cannot verbalize our thankfulness to family and friends for housing us, feeding us, and entertaining us during this transition. We are so blessed and cannot imagine ever repaying the generosity and hospitality we were  shown over the last three plus months. We are overwhelmed when we stop to think on the kindness and selflessness of so many. We are working on proper thank you’s but our brains are so full with moving logistics, they will come. Promise.
:: Some iPhone photos from the drive ::
[our beautiful country, me & bud, our new place]
photo 4 photo 3 Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset me & bud photo 5

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