time in a car

We are seven states into our adventure…it’s been pretty good thus far. We drove through some super creepy midwest towns and today there may be severe weather across Kansas.  Buddy has been a champ! He sleeps the entire time and just wants to be touching us. It is clear he is confused/depressed but very happy to be tagging along.

We had a few history lessons – we drove along the Trail of Tears – this is the route the Cherokees took when the US Government forced their relocation. We also drove through Cairo, IL. It is the most depressing US town I have ever seen. We looked it up online and found out it’s sad and tumultuous history. They were deeply affected by the creation of bridges, flooding of the Mississippi, and the civil rights movement. That is a very simplified explanation but if you are into history, google it, it was an interesting read.

We are looking forward to getting across Kansas – it’s 531 miles of flat farm land and the bonus of bad weather. We have a basket full of magazines to get us through and the People magazine celebrity crossword book. We’re killing it so far! We loaded up on fruit, farm fresh hardboiled eggs, sliced turkey, wraps, and other snacks so we can keep moving. It’s been a great decision and a healthier option than road food. More stories soon!

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