see ya laters

I was given a stellar ‘see ya later’ gift. It’s randomness became the perfect combination of sentiment. it held all things consistent in a friendship 20+ years young. The items represent [to me] things unchanged – no matter where one is in life, country or world – these things will remain. To the naked eye a box of cheez its, dunkin donuts mug and CD are pretty simple and meaningless – but to me – they are representations of the ebb and flow of a friendship, a moment in time, and a steadiness. These are physical reminders I can hold dear on days when the loneliness of a new town becomes overwhelming, OR, moments we ask ourselves, “what the eff did we just do?!” we can pop in our CD, grab a box of cheez its or a cup of coffee and be transported.

We had a delightful goodbye party last night – it felt surreal. The goodbye part isn’t real yet…not one bit. My heart was full watching people we adore interacting – some for the first time. Our family and friends are such a rag tag group and we can’t say enough about how awesome their support and time has meant to us. So many moments last night I wanted to freeze in time – I wanted to put it in slow mo to not forget a detail – faces, laughs, smiles, awkward silences – the best. We are loved and that’s the beginning, middle and end of everything and we couldn’t be more thankful and appreciative.

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