so many details

The final preparations are falling into place. In less than two weeks we will be packing up and sending off our belongings. We are using UPack to ship what we didn’t sell or donate. They are a nationwide company offering rental trailers or relo-cubes. We opted for the cubes and crossing our fingers we only need two. It’s not the cheapest way to move but in the end it costs about the same as renting a truck and paying thousands in gas [rental trucks only get about 8 to 10MPG]. It also frees Mick and I up to enjoy the drive, taking in the beauty of our country and checking off a bucket list item.

Once we arrive in Idaho we will store our stuff temporarily until we figure out our long term housing [upack does door to door delivery, another bonus]. In the meantime we are renting an awesome barn house month to month. We cannot wait to settle in and have our own place and unpack our things. One of Mick’s many lovable traits, he is a minimalist. He doesn’t ever need anything [except food and gin – another reason to love him]; he is content with little. I have learned a lot from him re: minimalist living – I have a longer way to go but I look forward to enjoying the simpler things. I will probably take that all back the day I get to unpack my kitchen.

The cross-country drive is a whole other animal, literally. We will be traveling in style – GMC 3500, crew cab style – massive four door truck, quite different than my Prius. Mick may have to manage the gas pedal so I can see over the steering wheel. Our current route [weather permitting]: MD, VA, TN, KY, MO, KS, CO, WY, MT, & ID. I’m pretty pumped – I have not been to MO, KS, WY or MT and I can’t wait to see the different landscapes.
Another important piece to this drive is Lil’ Buddy and hotel stays. I found this helpful website – trips with pets – and they show you pet friendly lodging along the route. It seems that La Quinta Inns will be our best bet. Most, if not all, of their hotels are pet friendly up to 80 lbs and they have rather affordable rooms. Any suggestions re: places to stop along said route or tips for traveling with pets? Lil’ Buddy is a pretty good traveler but 6 days in the truck is a lot on pup.

Future deets to organize – healthy, homemade road trip snacks/meals. Save some pennies and some calories/sugar/grease overload.

3 thoughts on “so many details

    1. Hi Erika – I remember you from my previous attempts at capturing life via the blog world! I do enjoy a good lara bar – have you tried two mom’s raw granola bars? I love the goji berry one! Looks like we will be “neighbors” soon – we are moving to Northern Idaho, which compared to Maryland, isn’t too far from Portland!

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