The start of an adventure…

The last six years I have been working through many changes – some were forced and others came through much thought and heartache. Mick and I went through a lot to build a life – of which we are truly blessed. Our family and friends are of the highest caliber. Despite these awesome people (and they truly are the tops) we both felt an inexplicable discomfort. We often discussed how it was shared but had no definition, it was faceless, an unsettled presence.  At times it was a quiet knot resting in the stomach and others a constant ringing in the ear. After a couple of years it began to develop an identity. It’s hard to explain the power it had – it was oppressive in a lot of ways. It was rocking our happy little bubble and something needed to change. We were stagnant in life – we weren’t using our gifts – we were trying to be exceptional by making the least amount of effort.

We truly thought we were happy…I think that was our problem. We set the boundaries for happiness based on a comfort level that didn’t take too much sacrifice or adventure.  We daily took advantage the things that make us unique, things that could be used for more than our own happiness. I had to step back and SEE Mick and he did the same – we weren’t encouraging each other to grow, to be stretched, or to use our gifts. We were selfishly enabling each other to be comfortable (a.k.a. lazy). I didn’t want to be challenged unless I could say “when.” SO – after some time, late night talks, and many other monumental experiences we named the discomfort. We are being pushed to accept an adventure – one with a purpose we may not know for some time. It is frightening, exciting, overwhelming and so amazingly designed that we would be pretty ridiculous people to ignore it.

In two weeks we will officially step into said adventure – we begin our cross-country trek East to West – dog in tow. I am looking forward to struggling, exploring and just letting stuff happen. I don’t want to be in control anymore. I just want to live and experience this life with Mick to the fullest. Cliche? Maybe, but it’s going to be legendary.

4 thoughts on “Pre-adventure…

  1. As I read this I just felt a resounding YES!!! In my heart. I am so thrilled for you guys to make the move, but the truth is the adventure has already begun. It began when you decided to say yes to a crazy unknown. And you will both be better for it in the end. Sending so much love and so many prayers for a truly memorable trek.

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